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Satellite truck views
Click on each thumbnail below to view a larger version of our satellite uplink trucks.
satellite truck
Uplink Satellite Broadcasting Truck
uplink satellite broadcasting truck
Uplink Satellite Broadcasting Truck - interior
Interior (2)
HD Production

Ultimate Reliability
This vehicle has simultaneous C-Band/Ku-Band transmission capability.

STS Truck Two Specs:

Transmission Gear
1x 2.4 Meter C/Ku 2 Port AVL Satellite Antenna
1x 1.8 Meter Ku 2 Port Sat-Lite Satellite Antenna
2x Research Concepts Inc. Antenna Controllers
2x C-Band MCL 400 watt TWTAs
2x Ku-Band ETM 450 TWTAs
2x Newtec MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem
2x LNR Ku Upconverters
2x Mitec C-Band Upconverters
1x AVCOM MSA-4570E Spectrum Analyzer
1x Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Analyzer
Encoding & Decoding
4x Adtec EN81 HD encoders
3x Adtec RD 60 HD Integrated Receiver Decoder
1x Tiernen TDR60 SD Integrated Receiver Decoder
1 Marshall AR-DM1-B 16 Channel Audio Monitor
1x Evertz HD Router QT-1616H
1x Evertz Master XY Router Control Panel CP-3200A
6x Evertz 16x1 Router Control Panel CP-1601A
1x Leitch XPlus Video/Audio Router 16x16
1x Master XY Router Control Panel
FOR.A 1 M/E HVS-1000 HD Switcher w/ DVE
Audio Console
Yamaha Audio 02R96 V.2
56 Channel Input
3x JVC HD Progressive Camcorder GY-HD250U
2x Fuji 18x4.2 BRM Lenses
1x Fuji 13x3.5 BRU Wide Lens
3x JVC Remote Paint Control Unit RM-LP25U
Wired for 6 Sony HDC 1500 camera chains w/ 3x Sony RCP
Test & Measurement
1x Harris Videotek Series VTM-4100 On Screen Monitor (Options: VTM-A3-OPT 3, VTM-OPT ACV-2) (Engineering)
1x Harris Videotek Series VTM-4100 On Screen Monitor (Shading)
1x Evertz 7751TG2-CF-HD Test Pattern Generator
1x Zanalyzer Bit Stream Analyzer
Video Equipment
16x Evertz 7700DA7-HD HD/SD-SDI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
1x Evertz 7710DCDA-HD HD Downconverter & Distribution Amplifier
16x Leitch Video Distribution Amplifier
1x DNW A75 BetaSX/SX VTR
1 DVD Recorder/ATSC Receiver
Additional formats available upon request
1x 20KW Kohler Generator
1x 10KW PTO driven Backup Generator
Audio Equipment
1x Dolby E Encoder DP571
1x Dolby E Decoder DP572
1x Wohler Audio Monitor AMP1-V2DA
1x Wohler Audio Monitor VMQ-4
1x Wohler Audio Monitor AMP1A-2S
1x 360 Systems Digicart E
2x Evertz 7700DA-AESB Auto Equalizing Balanced AES Distribution Amplifier
1x Yamaha 5.1 Receiver Audio Monitoring
16x Leitch Audio Distribution Amplifier
2x ATI MXS100 Audio Path Mixer
Monitors / Monitor Display Processors
1x Evertz 7767VIP12 Video Monitoring Display (Director Monitor Wall)
1x Evertz 7767VIP8 Video Monitoring Display (Shader Monitor Wall)
1x Evertz 7767VIP-AL-BAL Audio input breakout module
1x JVC 40" Monitor GM-H40L2G
2x Panasonic Monitor BT-LH1710
2x Marshall Monitors HD-SDI (V-R1042DP-TE4U)
1x Marshall Dual Monitor HD-SDI (V-R72P-2HDSDI)
14x Delvcam DELV-2LCD-7XLRM
Frames / Frame Controllers
2x Evertz 7700FR-C Multiframe Modular
1x Evertz 7700FC VistaLINK(r) Frame Controller
1x Evertz 9000NCP VistaLINK(r) Network Control Panel
Frame Synchronizers
1 Leitch X75 single channel X75HD
Chyron / EVS
Available upon request
Fiber Equipment
3x Telecast Copperhead Systems
2x 1000' ST Fiber Reel
2x Stratos HD-SDI Rattlers
Wired for Chyron Graphic Systems
Wired for EVS Production & Playout Server (video & Audio)
Wired for 6 SMTPE & 6 Triax Cameras at I/O Panel
6 Channel RTS System w/ SAP Switch
2x Telos (The Link)
1x Telos One (Two Way)
1x Studio Technologies IFB Plus
12 Channel PBX Phone System
7x Cell Phones
1x Satellite Phone
DSS / Internet
1x DirecTV HR20 HD DVR DSS
1x DirecTV H20 HD DSS
Hughes Net Satellite Internet Service
1x MotoSat HDTV Universal Dish Mount
1x MotoSat G74 Internet Dish Mount
Verizon 4G WIFI Router

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